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When a Cookie is More than Just a Cookie

September 18, 2017

My daughter baked these yesterday while I was out. 

Now, given that Mika is 23 years old, you might not think that baking a few cookies is that big a deal...but that's where you'd be wrong. Because these aren't just cookies. They're milestones. Huge, ginormous milestones that darned near had me in tears when I saw them...because it's been more than a year since Mika has been anywhere near an oven.


When she was in Toronto, in the midst of everything else that was going on (and going so awfully wrong), she burned herself one day while cooking. It was a deep, third-degree burn that imprinted itself on her already struggling brain, added to her PTSD, and left her terrified of heat.


For more than a year, I've done almost all her cooking for her. She'd recently started to use the stovetop again for simple things like scrambled eggs, but even that was hard for her, and the oven remained impossible. 


Then, last night, my husband and I went out to dinner as part of our anniversary "staycation," and we came home to cookies.


Cookies that are as delicious as they are pretty. 


Cookies that mark yet one more step in the healing process taking place in my daughter's brain, one more step toward an eventual second attempt at independence, one more milestone that tells me we're on the right path.


They're the best darned cookies on the face of the planet. :)





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