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Welcome. I'm glad you found us.

My name is Linda Poitevin. I'm a writer, a friend, a wife, a gardener, the walker of a giant dog...and the mother of a very special young woman. 

Well, I'm actually the mother of three very special young women, but the stories you'll read here are (mostly) about one of them in particular, our youngest, and our journey with her through her 'differentness'.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this blog is a new adventure for me. While I've been writing for my entire life, I've never been very good at writing about that life. Being honest about mistakes, feelings, and other messy stuff can be hard at the best of times, so I'm expecting that making those things public will take 'challenging' to a whole new level. But I'm going to soldier on as best I can, because if there's one thing I've learned over the course of my daughter's 22 years, it's that I'm not as alone on this journey as I once thought...or often felt. And if there's one thing I want most to share with you, it's that you're not, either. 


Our journey won't likely parallel your own, because no life paths really do, but I hope you'll find something of value in reading our stories. Something that makes you nod your head in shared understanding, that provides a flash of insight...or that just plain makes you laugh. We've had a lot of those moments, too.

Oh, and rest assured that my daughter is fully aware of and supportive of my decision to blog about our journey. In her words, "If it can help someone else, go for it." She calls it 'our' blog, in fact, and you may even see her put in a guest appearance here on occasion. 

So again...welcome. And I hope you enjoy.

P.S. There will be no chronological order to this blog series...it's more of a random compendium of thoughts and memories as they surface....and heaven knows my thoughts can be random!